How to Select the Best Car Shipping Company

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You want to make sure your car is in good hands when you ship it across the state or the country. But there are so many companies that offer auto transport services, how can you tell which one is best for you?


What to Look for in an Auto Transport Company

What exactly is an auto transport company?

Using an Auto transport Agent to Find the Best Car Transport Company


There are a lot of things to think about when choosing the best car shipping company for the job, like where you want to ship your car from, where you want it delivered, your transport preferences, your budget, and other things. Read on to find out what you should look for and how to find the best help for your search.

What to Look for in an Auto Transport Company

First, make sure that the business has the right licenses. A Motor Carrier (MC) number and a United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number are required for all car movers that can move cars. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) gives a company an MC number, which is a code that lets them move goods that belong to other people or arrange for them to be moved across state lines when necessary. The USDOT number is a unique identifier that the U.S. Department of Transportation uses to audit and keep track of information about accidents and safety. If a company you're thinking of using doesn't have at least one of these numbers easy to find, move on to the next one!

What exactly is an auto transport company?

  • A carrier is a company that actually moves the vehicle. Their drivers drive trucks. Most of the time, shipments are set up through a broker, and their routes may be limited.
  • A broker is a company with a huge network of carriers that usually serves the whole country. Most of the time, a broker can give you a lower rate because they have more than one company competing for your business.

Confirm how long the company has been in operation, how many automobiles they move or arrange shipments for, and whether they have a strong web reputation to guarantee you're dealing with a reliable transport carrier or broker. Check their geographic coverage to ensure that your car may be picked up and delivered at the areas you choose.

When looking into car shipping companies, talking to other people who own cars is one of the best things you can do. Reading reviews from customers gives you a first-hand look at the company's history. Google and Transport Reviews are both good places to start. You should also look at professional sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Affairs, which use reviews from customers to give a business an overall rating. If you can't find any reviews for a transporter you're thinking about, it's a sign that the business might be a scam. We suggest staying away from these businesses.

Using an Auto transport Agent to Find the Best Car Transport Company

Taking all of these things into account, it can be overwhelming to start the process of finding the best carrier to ship your car. Auto transport brokers can help you find what you're looking for and walk you through the whole process.

Many auto shipping brokers have networks of carriers across the country that they can use to get you all kinds of options. A broker can help you find the best carriers based on your pick-up and drop-off locations, timeline, vehicle size, type, and age, transport preferences (open vs. enclosed trailer, home delivery vs. terminal, etc.), and budget.

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