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US Star Trucking can transport your vehicle to your college or institution. It's quick, safe, and completely secure. Parents may rest easy knowing that their son or daughter will arrive at college without being stopped on the highway. Students are not required to make a lengthy cross-country drive, which might be difficult and dangerous.

Students who are relocating to their chosen school have several concerns. Tuition, class schedules, and, of course, getting about when you arrive are all factors. You need your car. Many students attend an out-of-state university. Perhaps your family is assisting you with all of this, or perhaps you are the student doing everything on your own and wish to avoid the labor involved in driving oneself to school. In both cases.

We have created this information resource to assist college students in determining if car transport is a suitable option for them.


Why Car Transport to College is Better Than Driving

About 100,000 auto accidents annually are the result of tired driving. Of them, around 1550 result in deaths. It's likely that you're pressed for time if you're transferring to a more advanced institution. While it's important to avoid leaving your family too soon, you still need to get on campus in time for move-in day and those exciting pre-class festivities. Therefore, you'll probably want to rack up those miles as rapidly as you can, even if it means skipping a few rest breaks and driving into the evening. You can therefore wind up increasing the number of auto accidents.


Theft, Loss, Accidents if You Drive

If you're driving, there's a good chance that you're loading up your car. Theft or an accident-related loss are two possibilities. This may apply to your TV, computer, and clothing. You just need to be away from your car for a brief period of time. If your car is crowded when you have an accident, your belongings may all be damaged, but the driver may also get injuries if anything hits him or her. Not the situation when the automobile is sent to the school.

It’s Very Common to Ship your Car to School
In general, college student automobile travel has increased significantly over the last several years for out-of-state colleges, mostly due to safety. It wasn't like that many years ago, and traveling as a student was safer. We've all seen it on television for years. Typical farewell scenario with both parents standing in the driveway waving as their daughter prepares to go in her vehicle. It is overflowing with all of her belongings, including shoes and clothing. After checking the oil and kicking the tires, her father pops the hood and lets her take off. His American Express is in her possession. Today, though, it's a bit different, but she still uses her father's credit card (or maybe not if you have done it all on your own).


It’s Safe, Fast, Secure
Nothing compares to not having to make that lengthy commute. Your automobile may be transported quickly and safely with a carrier. Have the car delivered to the school. Schedule a flight, and the automobile will be delivered immediately. The price could be practically same depending on the location and distance. The costs are affordable and, depending on the travel time, may be equivalent to driving and booking odd motels along the route. Even though it costs more, there are occasions when having your mind at ease and feeling protected outweighs any minor financial savings. Your car will be transported by a college-focused auto transport business that is insured and bonded.

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