College Students car shipping guide 2022

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How College Students can Best Prepare to Ship their Car?

Usually, you should plan your dates so that they coincide with your arrival. Remember that getting around doesn't only include driving to your destination. The carriers are restricted in the number of miles they may travel each day since shipping an automobile necessitates many stops along the route. If the weather is good, truckers may go 400 miles per day with your car. So it will take us at least three days to get there if you live 1500 miles away. The majority of college students choose to bring their automobile with them since, although at home, they have friends and family who can assist them, when they move away, they may know little to nothing about the area and how to get about without one.

Although all of our vehicle transport services are door-to-door, take in mind that your school may have an issue with a 50-foot truck passing through their campus housing. Even some off-campus sites may not have enough space, particularly if they are in a densely populated area with narrow streets and several residences. But don't worry, our drivers are very courteous and will meet you at a safe spot of your choice nearby. Remember, we work for you, and our college student auto transport service will take you wherever that is secure and close to your agreed-upon delivery destination.

You don't need to be concerned about altering your registration, particularly if you're just there to study. Although you can, it is usually not worth it.

Remember that in most situations, you will need to register your car for school parking, so contact the institution to ensure that you are allowed to do so. In most situations, they don't even need to see the car; they only require the plate number and ownership information to send you with a sticker that you can use when you start your classes and begin parking at college.

Although most carriers don't object if you place 100 pounds or so in the trunk or back of the vehicle (out of sight), bear in mind that nothing else in the vehicle is insured. So, if you're going to pack anything, make sure it's nothing valuable.

Choose an Affordable but Stress-Free Shipping Method

As a college student, your money is likely already pushed thin by tuition, rent, food plans, and, of course, those exorbitantly expensive books. You're probably taking out many loans on top of your savings and earnings from your college employment. So, while moving your automobile to school, you want to keep the expenses as low as possible.

Furthermore, the first days back to school are notorious for being the most stressful. You not only have to worry about bringing all of your belongings to school, but you also have to deal with the headaches of figuring out your new schedule and keeping your social life alive. You don't want to add the stress of automobile shipment to the mix.

You're in luck since open carrier automobile shipment is a low-cost and stress-free shipping option. Examine the Google reviews. Complete your assignment.

Door-to-door delivery (or, as you may prefer, door-to-dorm shipping) is definitely the least stressful option for you. With this service, your automobile will be picked up from your house and brought directly to your dorm or apartment parking lot. The option is terminal-to-terminal shipment, in which your vehicle is delivered to a storage facility near your school. It's less expensive, but if you're going to a new location you're unfamiliar with, you may need some time to find your bearings. So, adding the burden of trying to seek said storage site may not be the ideal option for you.

Schedule Enough Time for The Shipping

Many organizations guarantee to deliver your automobile to your campus within 1-7 days. However, there are various circumstances that might cause that period to be substantially longer. Remember, as previously said, that you may wish the car to arrive around the time you arrive at your new school.

That timeline is reasonable if you're a college student traveling between large cities. Major cities are more likely to be on the shipping company's usual route, making it simpler for them to assign your automobile to a leaving freight and deliver it on time. If you are going from a more rural town or any other variant that incorporates a rural location, you may have to wait a bit longer before you can drive your vehicle around at your institution. More remote places are likely to be beyond the company's primary route, and shipping vehicles may not have as easy access to them as they would in a metropolis.

Also, if your institution is fairly far away from your home, maybe even on the other side of the nation, the distance will affect how long it takes for your automobile to be sent. Some even claim that cross-country delivery might take up to a month.

Start your automobile shipping procedure as soon as possible to prevent becoming irritated too early in the school year.

Understand the Rules About Shipping Along Personal Items in The Trunk

If you're returning to school, you're undoubtedly carrying a lot of baggage, as most college students do. So, you may be wondering, why not save a few bucks by packing part of it in the car?

While most businesses will not allow this because to safety and weight constraints, there are a few that will allow you to transport up to a hundred pounds of personal things inside the vehicle. They may charge you a little more for shipping and impose a few more limitations on your load. Of course, you'll have to dig a bit harder to locate a shipping firm that will let you send more products.

It's an exciting time of year when you get to return to school to begin a new semester. Keep that time interesting and stress-free by learning all there is to know about transporting your automobile to school.

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