How to Prepare Your Car for Towing

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There are a few things you should do to get your automobile ready for the lengthy towing ride. These precautions will reduce the likelihood of damage to your vehicle.

Towing your vehicle will not damage it unless it is done incorrectly, in which case you will most certainly have problems. Cosmetic faults that impact the body of the automobile and its appearance are easily repaired; however, mechanical concerns may require more time and money to repair. While they may seem to be a worthless hassle, you'll be grateful when your automobile arrives safely.


Wash and Take Photos

Similar to when you rent a car, you should thoroughly check your automobile before sending it off. Washing it first will enable you to quickly notice any scratches or tiny dents.

You should photograph them and do the same when your automobile comes. This will help you to observe any damage that may have happened throughout the journey.


Fill Your Tires

Driving with full tires is considerably smoother and simpler. The same is true for long-distance towing.

With full tires, the driver will be able to load and unload your vehicle more effectively. Topping up the air in the tires will also assist the vehicle to absorb bumps more effectively, protecting the rest of the vehicle.

Empty Your Car

It is critical that you remove any valuables from your car. Depending on how far you're driving, you may be without your automobile for many days or even weeks.

Medications, insurance cards, passports, and money should all be with you, not in your vehicle with the towing firm. This includes the glove box, trunk, side doors, and space behind the seats.

Before returning your automobile, do a last sweep. Having a second set of eyes take a last check will assist guarantee you haven't forgotten anything.


Reduce Gas and Disable Alarms

It may seem strange, but lowering the quantity of petrol in your automobile will reduce the weight and make it simpler to pull. It may also reduce the likelihood of leaks, as well as potentially severe fires and damages.

Your auto alarm may go off if the tow truck encounters a bump on the road. The driver will then have to come to a halt to switch it off, placing himself and your vehicle in danger.

It will also add time to the travel, delaying the arrival of your automobile. It may be distracting to other drivers and should be avoided for everyone's safety.


Repair Fluid Leaks

It is essential to repair any leaks in your vehicle before going. If your automobile spills petrol or fluid on the highway, it might endanger the tow truck driver and other drivers.

It might potentially cause damage to your vehicle. When you move, you have a million things to do when you arrive; repairing your automobile before you move will remove one item off your to-do list.

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