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Motorcycle owners understand the need of keeping their machines in good running order, both on and off the road. And whether relocating or going across the county or internationally, you want to make sure your motorbike arrives in one piece)

We're here to answer any motorbike shipping questions you may have, so you can make the best selections and your travel runs as easily as possible.



What are the steps required in shipping a motorcycle?

What are my options for shipping a motorcycle?

What type of transport options are available to ship a motorcycle?

What are the best ways to ship a motorcycle?

When shipping their bikes, what mistakes do most motorcycle owners make?


What are the steps required in shipping a motorcycle?

From the first research on shipping to the time the motorcycle leaves the place of origin, there are many steps to take:

  • Choose how you want to move your bike.
  • Find a company that will ship your bike.
  • Get a quote for transport
  • Set up a time for pickup and delivery
  • Get the bike ready to ship.

The first thing you need to do is figure out who will move your motorcycle and how you want it moved. The actual transportation is done by companies called carrier companies. You can do your own research and get in touch with carriers, or you can use a broker or lead provider site to find the best offer. Many carriers offer different ways to move motorcycles, such as by trailer, train, boat, or air, depending on where the bike is picked up and where it is going.

Getting a quote from a transport company is a good first step to help you figure out what a fair price is and make sure you get the best deal.

Lastly, you'll need to set up a time and place for the company you've chosen to pick up and deliver your motorcycle, and get it ready for shipping. What you need to do to get your bike ready depends on the requirements of the carrier and the type of shipping you choose.

What are my options for shipping a motorcycle?

If you don't want to ride your bike to its new location or try to move it yourself (which we don't recommend), you should find a reputable company to ship it for you.

Carriers are the ones who actually move the vehicles. Keep in mind that it can take a lot of time and be confusing to find a reputable carrier on your own because they all talk about their services and prices in different ways. You'll need to find a list of carriers, call each one, and compare their prices, services, reputations, and reviews from customers.

You could also use a website that provides leads. Lead provider services use the information you give them to make money. They will sell your search criteria to many different businesses. Expect to get a lot of emails and phone calls from people who want to do business with you.

Transport brokers know how to put you in touch with a real carrier. Working with a reputable broker can make things easier than trying to find a carrier on your own and save you the trouble of dealing with offers from a lead provider service. A broker is in charge of checking out carriers and matching you with the one that best fits your needs and budget.

What type of transport options are available to ship a motorcycle?

There are many things to think about when shipping. Depending on where you start and where you want to end up, you could ship the motorcycle by boat, plane, train, or trailer. If you're moving or traveling abroad, you'll need a truck to drop off and pick up the bike at the ports or airport and a boat or plane to get it there. Check out our article about the different ways to move a motorcycle and how they differ.

Trailers are the most popular way for a motorbike to be transported across the nation. Trailers are most handy when pulled behind a truck since the driver may pick up, load, and transport your motorbike from your house or another place of your choice.

What are the best ways to ship a motorcycle?

Even though the process may seem simple, there are some tips and best practices to remember when shipping your motorcycle. It's important to take the time to figure out how to move your goods. Keeping yourself informed makes it less likely that you'll use a company with a bad reputation or fall for a scam.

In the same way, you should get quotes from more than one company to weed out the ones with prices that are much lower. If you go with the cheapest option, you might end up with worse service. Save yourself the trouble and go with the best overall company that gives you the most for your money, has good customer service, and lets you customize your shipping solution. If you do your homework and read reviews, you'll find what fits your needs and budget the best.

Make sure that you and your motorcycle are ready when the actual shipping date and time comes. Take pictures of the bike before you pick it up and make a note of any scratches or dents that are already there. This will make it easy to spot any damage that could happen during transport. Pay attention to the carrier's rules and instructions about how much gas should be in the tank, how much air should be in the tires, how much fluid should be in the car, and other things.

When shipping their bikes, what mistakes do most motorcycle owners make?

When you plan and carry out your motorcycle transport, there are a few things you should not do.

Some people who own motorcycles try to transport them on their own. If you don't have the right tools or skills, you will definitely hurt yourself or damage your car. As with most services, it's best to let the pros handle shipping your motorcycle. In this blog post, we talk about more mistakes and problems that motorcycle owners make when shipping their vehicles.

Don't let scammers trick you into giving them money. Some common motorcycle shipping scams involve bait-and-switch pricing, lead providers who sell your personal information, or people who pretend to be motorcycle transport carriers but just want to take your money without doing any work. Find out more about these motorcycle shipping scams and how to spot and avoid them.

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