Open VS Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping

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When shipping a motorbike, you must make many decisions, including pick-up and drop-off locations, flexible vs expedited shipment, and how much insurance coverage to obtain. One of the most crucial decisions you'll have to make is whether to transport your Motorcycle in an open or enclosed trailer.What factors should you consider while deciding between open and enclosed motorcycle transport? Continue reading to make sure you choose the greatest solution for your car, tastes, and budget.


Open Motorcycle Shipping

Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping

Making the Best Decision


Open Motorcycle Shipping

The motorbike is mounted to an open-air trailer for transit. While less costly than an enclosed trailer, this method exposes your vehicle to the elements, including rain and snow, filth and dust, and debris thrown up by other vehicles on the road. Typically, they will just need a thorough cleaning after a journey, although bikes may sustain mild or minor damage from time to time.

Furthermore, open trailers leave your motorbike exposed to onlookers – and possibly vulnerable to theft if the driver has to make a long-term or overnight stop. As a result, open-air transportation is a better option for shorter distance travel (a few hundred miles or less to be completed within the same day). If you need to send anything quickly, you'll probably have more success using an open transport trailer.

Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping

Whereas an open trailer exposes your motorbike to external hazards, enclosed motorcycle transport gives piece of mind that your vehicle will not be damaged, scratched, or stolen, making it a safer option all around. Because the vehicle may be crammed inside with numerous other motorbikes, you may be forced to remove or fold in mirrors and other protruding features prior to pick up.

Because the driver will stop and park in public locations along the route, enclosed trailers are preferable for long-distance trips that can take many days. Owners of higher-value luxury or antique bikes also like them. Furthermore, since covered trailers may carry more automobiles in a single delivery route, extra drop-offs may occur, thereby increasing total route duration. Please bear in mind that enclosed transport options may need greater flexibility in your delivery timetable.

As you may expect, the additional security afforded by an enclosed trailer might raise the transportation cost. The cost difference will be determined by where you reside and which carrier you choose to transport your motorbike.

Making the Best Decision

Educating yourself on the many choices for transporting a motorbike will allow you to make more informed choices. The information provided above should assist you in determining whether an open or enclosed transport trailer is the best option for you. When making your selection, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Transport distance
  • Transport timeline
  • Vehicle type and condition
  • Budget

Still unsure whether an open or enclosed motorbike shipping option is best for you? A broker can assist you in determining the best carrier and mode of transportation for your needs. US Star Trucking works with thousands of carriers throughout the county and abroad to provide both open and enclosed transportation.

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