Top Tips for Motorcycle Shipping

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While it may seem simple, motorbike shipping may be a difficult process. If you want to ship a motorbike across the nation — or across the globe — there are a bunch of options to think about, from the mode of transportation to the pick-up and drop-off locations to insurance coverage.

Keep reading this blog post to discover some best practices for motorcycle shipment.

The good and bad practices for motorcycle shipping

Follow these recommendations when shipping a motorbike to ensure that you receive the most value for your money while also protecting your vehicle.



You should spend some time researching motorcycle shipper choices depending on where you reside, how quickly you need your motorbike sent, and your financial situation, just as you would with any expensive product or service. You'll probably run across a variety of carriers, brokers, and lead sources throughout your study. Brokers serve as consultants and the owners of the vehicles' personal agents, while Carriers are the businesses that carry out the actual transport. They plan motorbike transport in accordance with customers' schedules and needs.

Lead providers are websites that compile a list of probable carriers based on the search parameters entered by the vehicle owner, as opposed to brokers who directly plan and arrange your shipment. Customers who submit their demands to a lead provider should prepare to be contacted by several individual carriers who are interested in transporting their motorbike. By negotiating timetables, routes, and the lowest prices on your behalf with many carriers, brokers take care of this potential hassle for you.

It's crucial to evaluate the mode of transportation (open vs. covered trailer) and any unique circumstances, such as if you have a sidecar or other extras.

Get a quote

Request a cost estimate from a carrier or broker before signing a contract. While investigating, obtain estimates from a few carriers and brokers, see how the final cost is split down, and compare them. Getting a quotation ensures you won't be surprised when you get your bill from your selected carrier.

Choose a reputable carrier or broker

In addition to comparing prices, read carrier reviews to get a sense of how they handle business. After all, you are entrusting them with a valuable asset. If a carrier has cheap costs but a high number of unfavorable ratings, it's an indication that you should keep exploring.

While you may transport a motorbike directly with a carrier, partnering with a broker gives you access to thousands of carriers. They will guide you through the whole process and help you locate the best solution for your budget, timetable, and particular car.

Get your motorcycle ready for shipment

There are several things you may do before your planned pick-up date to prepare your vehicle for the travel ahead. Clean your bike and inspect and record any existing damage, such as small scratches or dents. Inspect the battery, fluid levels, and tire pressure, then empty the gas tank to 34 percent or less capacity.


To guarantee that your motorbike shipment procedure goes as smoothly as possible, avoid the following.

Select the cheapest option

It's tempting to choose the carrier with the lowest price, but the cheapest isn't necessarily the best. It's vital to consider what you receive for the specified price, such as the kind of trailer transport, pick-up and drop-off locations, insurance options, and so on. You should also ensure that the carrier you choose is trustworthy and will do all possible to secure your motorbike.

Consider your insurance options

Accidents may happen even with the most reputable carrier. If the driver causes an accident and your motorbike is damaged, you don't want to be saddled with thousands of dollars in repairs. Carriers normally provide some insurance, but be sure it is enough. You should be able to afford more coverage; if not, look for another carrier. Your personal insurance company may also give some motorbike transport coverage.

It is highly recommended that you use a broker to help you arrange your motorbike shipping since they can check real carrier insurance coverage and propose extra coverage as necessary.

Leave personal items in or on your motorcycle

In addition to emptying the petrol and unlocking the steering, be sure to remove any personal goods and accessories (GPS equipment, cameras, etc.). You don't want them to come off or get damaged throughout the voyage.


Finally, don't let the procedure overwhelm you. You may rest easy knowing that you've taken all essential precautions to safeguard your motorbike and that it's in excellent hands.

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